Top 10 Xmas Gifts For Your Man

10.Wall Mount Fish Bowl Aquarium Tank Beta Goldfish
I want this!! A fish bowl to hang on your wall. Amazing and unique for the trendy home.
Cost: $17.99

9.Diesel Mens Youngblood Digital Watch DZ7150
Retro style watch from Diesel. A must have for the boyfriend who takes pride in his looks and cares for fashion and trends. Über cool watch for the modern man.
Cost: $60

Cool new brand T.I.T.S has launched the winther fall line, and this t-shirt is part of it. I really like the provocative design.
Cost: $24.99 (on sale at the moment)
For the man who loves to invite his friends over for poker and beers. Custom made with his name/last name. Definitely gonna impress his mates!
Cost: $99.95

The iPad has to be on the list, for obvious reasons. No introduction needed!
Cost: From $499 at the Applestore.

A cover for your man's fave item; the grill! Comes in all NFL team logos.
Cost: $29 at the NFLshop.com
Yes, this alarm clock is special, and it WILL get your bf out of bed. The secret to this is, that Tocky will run away, and you have to run after him to keep him from waking the neighbourhood...
Tocky is also outfitted with a microphone, so you can record your own "wake-up-noises"! You can even upload your fave mp3s, and wake up to your preferred song... A must have gadget!
Cost: $69 at Amazon

Nike ID is a cool way to personalize your gift to your man. You can design a pair of Nike Dunks, and no one will have a pair 100% the same as his.
Cost: approx $120

 2. Budtrap - Engineered to trap your earbuds!
This little accessory is SUPERB for keeping your earbuds in place when using or not using them. Personally I hate it when I have to untangle my earbuds after they've been thrown in the handbag, and this seems very simple to use... Great little gadget! They come in various cool colors, so u can pick your fave one.
Cost: $9.95 (Twinbundle)

1. Koolatron Coca-Cola Can-Shaped 8-Can-Capacity Fridge
The perfect gadget for your "geek" (or Coca Cola- loving) boyfrind! This little mashine cools down 8 cans of beverages, and is designed in the shape of a Coca Cola can. I know this is my gift for a boyfriend, but I'm rather keen on it myself...
Cost : approx $99 at Amazon

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